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Full text of "Superintendents of the Yellowstone National Parks Monthly Report, November 1921"

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19 2 

T A B ] S - 



■T r \70R~C ( 7 




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8, 19*1 


he fblloit lac U op 

• m& the operation of the Park* for the 

, 1921: Superintendent Albritf t left the P«* 
6th t for a oo ufe re u oa in fTfeafln and a tour of 
Pai^e* «d la ooif in CaX lfornla. 

c «M 

Conditions for oatside work, w 

r h feMl 
lty to fini.ifc 

all WOMItfj 

p the lone winter. Zlmm the nMdlo of the 
been frocpiont eaeqtfi to handliiap outeide oporatl 
wae not os aoia^ly Gold and naoeeaarj tot was 
/it: a llttlo nora troutto and asgvmo thm in 

» ldaal 

ni a:o 

we ath e r wm «oat notable, for n 

ret half of the nonth, «d later for ea~ 
trsnely mueual oonaitlone. tie atom of %a*jf 21st whiah 
la Tilly described !n the 

able. The Monthly Ueteorolo rioal fliaaii j of weather oondi- 
tiono for o*«ber la enoloeed f and the fbllowln o naoial 
notaa are fr e e r*** vl 

I MlMi 

no rani. nm t pleasant 
two woe-i], *llo tlie th! 
belnc reentered on the 

Monthly »an f '1.2 V \ la Z.j j shore 
apnilai ivjfcvj to first 
wo waa ateomally oold f -6° 
t. fha olo 

• 3m matimm of 00° on ft* 4th la tiho M*$m»t twmw- 
ata*o *wojM«A in mwmbm daring «m !**** 18 ywa* 

»W Wl» * 'i*-J Mi SwupttumiM tfeia la *h* zem&mi 

' total ,*4 for Efipiwrtor. ^ 

d«to: Vm nm 12 d*po f tout oswrw o 
d«ll? ooatawnao d i e na ^, , £^*^ 

*t*X *£'• 
«*aw»tt of *mow has fallori in Hovwtar ia xm 

and in 1896. 

Jgittfli ftfrtal novttBMHfe about aomai t bat tfcs nax ~ 
**** *»lo 41 nil** tfm the ' at h« b«a 

«»ood*& but chm <fe**inf lb* pait 10 ?*w** 

^namtoBO of pwrttltl 44| liorool «• 

Sfe* £ollowii2tf z&fcdft on 
tkio awotaal *to;«t *or# a&oo fumlnlmd by tt» MHtihttf 

^ ' 


d m« th* *«ar obnngod to » »l*t*E*e 
«ad aioot, wftmfc ccmtinaod until Xt50 p**n, rita it otta^ 
to raln f «l*ot md «**, At 4*18 p*o. tha u^pcmtwo *m*&ki to 
fall mildly attd ol**t «ad »uo* ag^ia «i»t la. J p #n # 

P*au t^wpo wero a«tt«i **d rasald t«^ra$iff« 2Xa»ta»- 
ttoaa, causing bfttaoat 14° and 33°* ftta ***itei atoago In 
U^potfiftlRin at short int«r*aXa oaaaoi it uomm ** &&* i» 

tfco iciM of PNQlFtfcattfln* osiangi^ timqumtiy **m oloot «4 

*a0» to 3lMt *ttl milt* m I *»tta» ?M 1 .: . ; :30 

p*a* UtfM &>£ foaaad and diaa|)g*ar*d at a f *» a vooalt 

of tho **idan mixing of air ovamta of Varan* 

^liB^wpmtosfwi* Losr atrisfos alouiifi or fog obaattro ? tb* naarby 
*wa»%Aia» on .all oidon ocf tfco station doila® tbo,d^„ tftaimMaly 
li#t* rfopiabio wittdo pjwrailed. t ifw faaifcvr with a 

iwrfaa* t«cmMtuifo o* ^5° d«ttrla« tli« ^oal^ mmlag it 1* ovidi^t 
tz^at a otoap to^wataro imro^oloii i?ro-mil«4 # v; ^ably 

iooomto for tho tmifelsh Ntttlttai that oooum^'. dwlae tJ^o 
iay» At too ti»» of Hm &»m« ob«nrati^n ©tj»«tu» oloiida w^fe 
Moving vwidlsr Ami the wot t wfel] «wfH»o wind wiks fti 

tallM i'^wa tbo tsor^u 4 olxtaook ooaditioa oot tmftro 

10 p«»» aan tbt U»2>or«tiiM fooo from mra at 3r * . to 30° 
M 10 paw ^mo^pltatioa ond«d «t f 1 io gggr ^lo«B^d 

wd*ml^ with «m oowii^ of Hu oblaocte, ^ii^e ^,3^ 

^•4 iaobM *f csmv mi the ^ftnind* with afbdvit >^UT aa iwh of 

• 2 - 

HMp**atu?w» M& i^Mlpitafticai vmwtim for *m& poore, 

*MItloa ts iMrt^r of Ir*t<mae itttaira&t il will mpvo to 
mmr fSbammafim of ^taxations t&afc aaro Mkttti #*wy 
«"w *V *nwl«»i tarn to «hm m itw"« 

*bw wrlsr *» t*» foil «&» 2»a aaewtf in% *te» 

ftr ifrftt ..^.it ,&>?«„ 


:* -*«*h .iwwil 

•6 251*6 3$*5 PM 0M ti6,0 31.5 W m 9 &%4 41»g M« k*t MM 

41 -54 -OS - 20 30 .Mi -51 -41 

frwflHf ^aaitein f , w«wsr^ far aiwwy ,^7^, 

H si u 77 H M 99 aa Ml II N 9& 

lftm& witfrmM** towran ,ffar ff> wwt) 

,24 1«M 2*18 U38 gj£§ Ml 1*18 U9& l*ol |*g ,v* 1.88 is#» 
ATflrrat raafcto gararfaU for 5t imar* giqw-y 

«& 15*3 17., .0 ♦, .♦ ; # 1 2 1,0 .3 10*5 14. 

Sflrwlt tag UUW^mfg r«g*m far 

% X&& # with ooi^ of . vratur 

for ooqpflrifl4m t •hcwrl^? at follomu 

0«*ra ft lug j&isola. S&t&i 

JteTOaftar, 1920 

■wo* r< HMI „ 104 

- I - 

Ml mm •*• **H aw»o», art iiHUjrlrtiM 


a : . i - 

MM v . 

*• follow ta£ Hat itoi the lawtosr of «MtJ»<» 


\&at» :r<;t:«frfl a bare* a* eugiiuxrliii: 


' Hi 


£*ad mtirs, <U< 

j , v 

I am 

mm wfclfl » tJtatfton iMMMiwIi 

*a 'Anita'"** OpWflltfil tel*?han6 wit«hbo«M # 
i*il? ab:n», * trod^»> 

wit aaarrico 
when n©9tio<L .-sailed unon In STov.) 

-4 - 

1 " 


1 ' 

X * 


1 1 g| 




:ilo Stop** 

hawliau ar. tool** anft 

road signo* 

In o3*asr<*» tf paw* pl&&t* telo- 

9Mtlf%:« **<* wince . 

t*n « 1 

appoint mfew i, 

.■anA !fe*t«r of 
L am port at ion* 

ofcaaw* of taw Uiffalo h&r 

rat lona 

In a . 

3 £8*1 

1 appoints effootiTO 

Sato -o . I§M at 

headqaart'V's «. caro of offlo## 

tatff ttfetfi 

. :i3 &t !^>ad^iartera» 

angwr £» ohaxv;* &* r&s&«Br foro» to laoltido 
safcMF 5; iatljog Cam «ad Fletft 

- & - 




l0t -lef 

«®* of 



■*rga of Soafthar 

**S* of trict. 

,;wr banning 
In Ch: <>r«a 

Offl trolling par ,ir» t 

to #*r» and fi? ':.. 

*totela& patrols. 1 laid off 

tmrtar a&olatatant* **>« f*>lloi? ^ **•»*« araE>loy&3 I 


On -^Bh, | 


tof> 50tb 








fflgjtlal l*bo *ara 



r *afror*ra 



nta ?*mataa*» 


b tm 





1 ., 





iamol laaroa of abaanaa im 

Halm I* 3*o 
Canrla i 

• indala? 
ftaonala r &. &*?agdton 
lafchan <& 

Gao«ga % ^tnaa 



Mm ■* Hta 


,i*at. ^aotrloian 
®»XfKBr«r^ Operator 



War* i~>*ab # 28 


10 &apa t &a*« 

a? 4a:/ -oem)«12 

1 day, 

2 4am. *o*. 10-12 

34BMU E# MataflV 
1 C* MaeiJ 

*Vugu»t C. 2t»um» 
tart . fcUtttttt 

%m T* mote* 




1 4ft 


• 1 

6 <2«@&» 

1 d^ t Sbv* 8F(wxm) to 

Ho • in) 

Jail Iwimtj 8MnO0r«ifNR* t .&•* affteUv* H&vws&or 1 # 

MM * 

Joha Hamas* P*afc Eanf7«r t tiltt jwht 

toatlTO ^orcnber , 

Mta * .tcrobll* Nash*:' ., »ff»»tiT0 HOVKWK 

*H»f 1* 19&L* 

xu« wi&coHPwsni 

listing to VMM! " - >-4stm3*ian W0t -rt*d tm&r IV* 

VAft vent is &m wf5&i»B& witft im3?k In pragrt&a ?m&«jr 17. 

- 7 - 

anwroy ima mlo of tho Hon 

Ja p o jffaftfr lo Paafeuraa i.-.t/. .,i:.<\ i>^i:; ; ,. » t v.)wt : . ^.v>:;-\ f 

n tha r 
y loootoA* 

.■«g? «tt ft «K: ;?T0 

eoata * fbot taurvttl-s «o» l&Ur aatia 

amaofc Cai^ to locate /**v 

-' •■■■ '■'■ • -• fl .'.J.r: ..,,' oU ail 5 ii> • '.v ,' :,>- 

auraA* a am raav, ?*** i «ki* i 

1» £aot to MM iiowlagoorx. 

It 1:) itq>*jtot>t oso nig* will pvov* rilutv 

to tho #*r>; ttarttoa 
tko o*i£», «rki in working out a •oii0a9 of lagmwimt to & o 

-4«e waro little, aoro showing trails in 

«: ana otho~a c b» Prtjoor*©* in relation to the 

2ba jQBln*ar v of naps im-i otter data wai"© 

started for -srferoroa of art 

' .imm aud otter mfejaeta. 

WIMlki *a thare **ro n jfc« in the psvtu 

!?• MB 81 SBOflUUBt 

MM MB Of MMMMi lOMMto fcri ■*.. ot. ! .; t%t MM 
Itaoarw waa oonttoaad thrv 

•w* -Tloor nM apart coi... 

bH.4&« ovwr daaorlbod 
waa po **»«& ^vonoar 2n*l t h 

fililOWlWi Wifcortail wa iatrnot! 

360 aaoteu of oaaeistf i#4# Kb* adf ralntarel jIo 
yarda of anal ana ;jiw*U 

Ob the afternoon of Novestoer 2g& 9 the cawp was 
moved to 3ewton C~eak and work begun am that br 
porary roadwa - v was constructed m \ m 

ZZZSl .f! " mf !? a CW * brldfe ' lo a **- *» rwinf.roed 

ooncreta slab raatins on concrete abutwnts wit 

2lL!? w * ! ^ 'o^ 11 ** w<5r * ^- **r 15 th, the 

•bat««t lovewber 25th f <md floe cnaid _ 

er^ble snow fell the last half of the nonth an* tlio weather was 
^ry unfavorable for co I lre3 w# kffnt 

r«a dt fror, frost, As the railing could not. , a i7P0 _ 

*»*•* :> ^ decided to m m . 

9i9 equipment Ma 3 tor ad for the » r ^ disbanded 

taken to Cody. 

Pour ^mcrate brli^ea ware constructed tl e port 

xt Karri rar t r oent 

coriplote, 1 pay oent beinc retained for a little inr worr 

to be done on the railings. 

Ihi omon Creole bridge is 95 per cent complete, 5 
per cent being held for some flnishi^ work ov the railing 
fc«'1 fill the appro K 

Picture is 95 par oent complete. 
Per retained for the saw© work as that required at 

*oraon Creek. 

&a Sawton Creak bridge is 85 per cent complete. The 
U> par cant retained is to construct the railings and fill in 
approach at each o 

( b ) Mftlntsnanne and RepMr of Cyni cal Ianrovenenta 

jftl ffll"^— fiTrn 

fell to the L:jclen»nt weather conditions prevail 
part of the month and the 1 ato ess of t:.e 3?ason # no r 
repair or maintenance work was attested, e* 0r8o 

£* a * one sly to clear away enourh o in 

the . *** one-half ailes frtwj Gardiner, 

pertdt cars to pass that point in safety. 

miscellane ous Invrovmmt Work 

jMttlBP »• ■■*■■ M itaw m Mi awalatanl MmI tha 

carpent^a on the construction of an addition to 

raplaoad broken elaes in windows, and did several small Jobs of* 

- 9 - 

eeployooa* <iutrter&« 

fit* titi&Uxc Jair&xr and his aaaietant 
ir» called eTOekba*! mai U a a^r eheofcls; station at 

the norta aatraBQa* iaatallad two aaefctosrla wad a toilet la 
the ol :«**<an£e balldiqft aeed for aa eatart&iaBmt hall aad 

aoliool 3«a>peaee aad li vrters for asployeae, reewwl 

the eltfk in the to; Installed a toilet <*nd »&; 

lw*l in the g^porlnteaJatst'si njaarter ear, aad 

\*&m the teet &m heattag plwt ! 1 ;;tta£e 

oooapled "k 111* Mao ®ar* nooe^Q^r; to 

the abator mil 30*?: \ rapine? it In rapal 

water eff aad an aa qsaertara *wa oee-a 

Tfai^llWlt<ttft flttETHflr ^ forasim aad 1 toaster wwt* aaplojs- 
ed at the *t*&L*e 1 i**ee of fcaraees, aadOlae aad stable 

o^olra*at t oar I x>meo, and dolag gaar - - ukout 

hea&qpertera* f J**o men end ft alngla teas* also cant Ik. 
aoefc of gettixss out a a*P!?l? of *ood froet the aide of Bimsest 
Peafe; te eugnly tfca r>\Ua ic autmol' - noxt aaanar v and 

aval lent pKOgreaa* 

2ie carpenters at sanded to mln&ananoe of 

Sfce<l fcoraea for tarn* Buffalo ?csnoh, md 
«r fave*» dairies etialpntttt, inoludlng trueka* for nmt 
aeasea, eheefced mad ra-srraa^ed tfceir stoek of eappllee, end 
aseiated In tho ratoiell^; ef ifee a 

fte f eroe «a» iwey rqpa&rlag treafea md paaaanf;er 
*afeiel«e t iasulr*; gaaollr* aad eil md aaaiatisc in the roraaial- 
ls«r of the r&op. 

Hi h - 1 vh/.i fcji 

ttaaotloa of t*>e C 
a&lah aare repaired K 
S&ia aarfc canals t* 
the pwar plant, the sm 
regaire to virlag end li 
?h© Pfesw riant waa ran 
•afcoro teir^ used on 
of 14*960 fcile*att hear 

%at ware oaln&elned under 

i # oxDart '. ' :j« in tlie parte 

o range** 
# ef the usual wrfe: ef aperatiag 

rate in i; . at lleadquarte 

lts a day ln> lading suadagft* three 
'te for thia vserfe* a to 

r^ore«feer f ef itoUh 2 t Sl» t«»e eeld to ilitiea # 4131 need 

for li^htiT^ grenade »t Kead|aartora 9 and the baL-ugio of 3*466 
k««« hoti^si were oonattaed in li-'.tiiiij ijovemaatit ^ 1 and on 

the pofser liae». 2h& psa^ *raa r® k«w 

oa the 13th at 

- 10 - 

■ a 

f m «Mt t mi 

■ *<■ 


AflfrW 1» tNI 
fvnolosA , '-sip* MoBr&dft T*ms &€*fcsil<3Ki to .100 1» the 

ii I &*• rf 8 ttft» rwt&v 

t3b* jwtoat i?n Km 

mftnv aa a 1 

■a mint 
imaAttgr li*>* »tfitr* fomtlx- was llfe<*- dh 

1 "H* 

a&Jtanls omasa* tba \im 9 trat far 

!*£$. KaatWH ^,8 tl*i Ctta :' 


buff aid fcwrd, w, !***«* aa*i la ^-' ■ «t fcfta 

aw c«L7tnrt* <*5*ir«#, to ba &l*ippa&. t© 


* ■ tap* 

n*K* %0 8#1X**V lu 

Ti^ar« t>*w &***> to ba fad 

ifctis** Stopta wt r; ^tla» 

fctia £«rs& f 
attrfy a£ fcfca «««*■■ *&lal patrol* v 

- 11 - 



^ #* Buffalo 


am *t u 

aalltttta Oam ft» >l efforts mm] 

an am>3' 
of tin tflk» 

jjN '>--> -■ i - • ;,/ *m&l&aa6 the aaplayaant >f a fiftl 

fcm*i fr 

•«aaon f i9 wry- . 


nwfta "by i ^ 

04I3WI &f 

m% agpeciaa obaarmtio*}. of t>- • 

I>Owar ^Lsnt Mi tel^jfeom s^at^est wat^r end sw^r , 

Ntttta n 

to about ttovw *a#n who Ma h&i&o t trfc ro& 

pot In jipa?^ ti*3& j ta*as*£ a caosaral o**r\ 

md wpar&i* a . unaftprtetttifele 

fea ra^usiiafod tfcrsmgH ike 
fto Mttfear B<$mm*a m 

- 12 - 


"ill b* | • 

**frtc>. win *« f^yntrAfi m mm 

wito «g*»in anrt n»lt»d «rut rotted ■ TacI 

Ml jnw f#ll o !.* rttTr **• --v* ^m ••.<<-"- '-— f -.->• *•; ? 

• fca few* not Smmbi •■ 
oar *13t f i*«r f nrron 
t«nt*.t «rrf 
efcH &sr m down t-i sow© #act« 

«»•» *a tfc* gam** r**z$rsa e 
tto fbllQRTi^ j«i&1* of ©now mptfcs at w 
MM Ml tWt&i 




• *mm ■ -*Mnn 


1 Jl «|M|Wai| 

' *lc 




' »* 




•■ o 




Soflf* B^tts> 


3ttf ftoio NM 











AfftaloxH Qmm ^avdan msrld a oountod 435 antalopo in 
tha hard ailfoin a alio of tfco /illa&a of Gar ay« 

tr!iicb Id an tmm»# of a&ont a haadrad ow l«*at yw at*t 
£0 about tho oaat sncourafftsic raport on ontadopo wo jwo ?>a& 
for aany f*wr** Bsajr ara In eaaMftlant aan to 

bo gating all tha food tfoay wmt. 3g*oia3. afctantto;; la b*- 
in# Aarotod to thla bard, an! tho antalopo aro diaoau^asod 
ftwa orowdtxc tfeo wiw fanoo on tho north llm> &a th<%* aro 
lltoly tt ot through Ml m d&wn tha rollout**!© P.ivwu 
»or« h«r* bom no flood 0**** found to date* 

3gf fal o ^ fono frWft * *a hard «aa rotmdad 1$ and toronght In to 
tha raaofe on ISo*aabor 21at t preparatory to tha vnoodnatlon of 
the ooItoo against faap&rfthaata aaptlcmlii* and the follow! 
dbngr tho eal?oa wro aaparfttad froia tha cam* nncl tha ol i«r 
oalmola again tisraod oat on tho vmm* kxTtm&mri&a had 
pwetonaly tm*m *»ia with tha Offtoo of tho Bnr***si of Artitaol 
Induatry, >apartmaat of igrlOttXturot Kalana* £ton*aaa 9 to nor- 
fora thie worfc* and aa aooa f*» tho fraah ranolnn atpriwl trtm 
Waahlngtou* a wtorlnarian waa curat «lth It* 2ho first 
raaei action ooowrad on Hoaaafrw 26t: 00 tor Boil Plaafc, 

of that Bnraaou Ofcro bisai orflvoa anatainad hi 
handling* sod had to %a killo&# &*o aaatfr&d imoftnatioa oumxvad 
on 'Smmtogt 3d, whan 41 wo&o oat^os &aa waro raeordad, 

nnftftqg a total of 10 oalvaa* &t thla tte^ **r or 6$* of tOao 
fcalla wra aaatmtad* ibnf $alo antharlaod mr fc2*s» Hav Yorfc 

Ecological Saejbaty uwo brought In to Hoa&stiaaftors ow Xferanbar 
23d t for f oar gfeo ro*$ wtild bo bloofcod with mum if wa waitod 
Shay «aro hold boro *a*3 afoippod on Dooonfcor £th* 

9ha oa&f ho»d «rill hara to bo hold In for nost of 
tha alntcr and fad bagr* ^nt t\* aBtilt »«ta» of the herd hovo 
haan turaad hao% on to tho ranga* 

Crortu So affort waa «nda to lo<^c thaei ur darlnir iia-ranhorv ao 
thara uwai no partioalar ^aaaon f®r aiatarhia^ than* 

Baarat So dvr»'-a^iona wmni roportad fcr #m aonth« 2ha 
hava hllMr^dtad for tfco wlntar* tho 1 ^ loh vaa a©» 

h«rlne ^» OT Koraatoar 20d # In tha m H^oto *Uatrlot* 

OMiPi Daar uw^ oo^a all ovor tha northern &&***&•** aui IttM 
10 othor «niTi^a t Mi la fi» aha3>^ # i;br© tl«ti *^K> wor<* ooantad 
lmltalad in ro^orta* 

JUp &a oik tor is ranaii»A fcltfi In tho raountalns tmtil th© 
atom of Savant »d ainoo it baa anbaidod thoy ara aaa 

to baada of oar^s^l handrod all alotnr <*• »^' 0rn ^^^ of the 


port* Gawa ~«rdaa ItoBrlda «v and oouiitad 5 # 900 In the 
mrtham iiatriat torinc ***• ODiith. 25»y ara ill h «a- 
oaptio:>ol condition, *ad tMa f«aiaa apaoially to tha cow 
and oalvaa tffcMfe a-* rollUc ■■ ft** *° conditions £fcr 
thair faad oad jvo toot Ion am f irat-olaaa at tha praaani 
tine. 2ha larca owtoar of cairaa with the horda lndloataa 
aaoodly l oraaaa. IMMA larga **H« **^ aaoalloat 
heads ham baan notad alon- the coofca road* 

FaUawiag th* ptvoaatBra adoptad last yoor f nan 
. atatl mad with homaa at Hollroarine »d Slcw^ era* 
to hard tto ai>: bade from the pa*fc liw*a« A patrol la 
nada tram 3arlin*r raid Uaanoth ovar the ttartsay Fan raid 
KUriktall to hold thon 

Forty dU btofco thro *«£ tha fanca o« tha Itorth 
llaa at Hoppa Craafc hat war* hardad bacfe »d tha ffcaaa ra- 
•ad by Par* Tartar BCL*0|>shlitu 9Ma of thia band wara 

the riHfe in tha SMMkara aal saitani harda did 
not batfin ta laavo the parte until tha l&ot of tha north* 
ft> ©aunt waa raoortad, hat It la claitwd th«y hatva kw 
oraaaad ooaatdara^laowr laat yaar* 

Dw to tha inprnrvaft oaadltio» of tha tea** 
raeoiaaan ation aa mda on Naraatar 23d to raaaw f 
ouatora of prarioaa yaaro of permitting tha ahirwoat of a 
lira! tad aaribar to poblia partes, anl ordaow for a f aa hmm 
alraady baoa raoaivad* 

JUttf r.aporto a*m to indicate that ttoaaa nro ivaly 
plaatiftil *,hro i£lv ut tha pa*fc* About 500 war* *33oonted for in 
tha aortham dlatrlot (Urine; tha aatith, wharo thay m* wintar- 

o« Slariktall *£d 31o«c^ Craalu 2hoy haw jfcao baa& a^tad 
la 'tha Vppar Tellaaato *♦ flfcd -sagara tMaro ha*a aararal 

tiraa had to oli»b traaa far aafaty vban thay *naaaa*a(rad tha 


35 itara oouatad in tha lertkxr 1 t 

, In tha Hmraoth and Hallroariic slatrlota* 
tt war* aotad* Twk fiwsor tfiadta raporto that 
toewn to Twr* bam Idllad aaat of tha pmk ferlqg tta 

riaiaiiai y»*»»-i«. Tbaro ara .-lwity of iTvUoaUono of jxrada- 
tary anlnala # aapao lally aolraa and aoyotaa. ona 
darotad bio ahedo thaa ta thalr aactaftttoatiotxt aoad dtr lag B ov^ 
I ooyotaa and 1 m>lf« %a 

loeuaA to 11 o&oloya^a at Paste Headquarters to hunt 
darlas feat? ^>a*e bour* t artd 5 oo$otea vara killed b? thaa 
Ourin^ the jgonifc^ a paralt aa* ftfW * U2*t Dewing to trap 
oo?otee la a definitely f Uml dletrlot £rm Ctardlrar tc 31**** 
tail, aud 3io 3uaa**c$*d la trappfevr r n fc# ?r*a tdteon to 

the fcoapitai <m& is reported to bo oleic paat reoovary* 

ffcr ftaMm^t to oowpar&tively lew* repoite in ioat$ from 2 to 
3 trappera are wording or ireparinB to worfe on e&tli aide o f 
the pa** t itfiicxi In aoue oaeee reqiairoe apodal rigilonce on 
tho part of our nan to keap thaa f*ui» owcro*)hln£. 

!8bo ,:tate Gait* and Fieh i artiaua of 
md ^emtg kave» la coorManoe with oar atg&eotiotte* 
appointed part: ra^er o *o have boon detailed to patrol the 
linaa adjoining tfceir rospooti/e etatee, ae tepaty warden* 
without ooad or pa^» *waU«kt raetalto ara ojgpeeteti though 
thie cooperation* 

jy All open eeaaone for b% ®oae In atates adjoin 
lag the park closed aefore, or wi£i the wrmbm* Fr^m 

the et«d;x>int of the $aa» protector, tbe aettan vm a yoi^ 
aoooeeafal one - the opposite of ooume tvan tte ©taaipoint of 
fcfco &snter* ProK» the ae»t aoar^aa of tafomatio*u tho raoefcara 
of $mm antaala fcilled forirc tine oxmn mmm in thie viol; 
la tfiom by Use follow*'^ tables 

wmm a 4 < 

Hi so i i 


Sbta! 66 6 13 3 

> ? 4 3 •.: ••.", . :..<ttereet was tatas* i note 

daring ^>i"ift»t s&* &mta&& state Htitohery at saiftrant donated 
about 2 # 0OO large finfferllnne oir t ,.««i Broofc variety whiafc 

ware planted 2*o*. 1 in obai&ian Oreo::, in * illow parfc^ and tho 
follow! t^ da^ another ahirtamt o w and 

■»•* reaeived flwr* fee ^»r> MNWae and planted in 
l^a r;xypa» fta^diaar P,iv«Br # 

% ar?eat w»i» wade toy I ^ tho 

ttoati^ -Tat a»eiatanae waa read«pad to i<tata Wardona in 8»<s»v 
txrioeau r^«r Al 3ti24nB^i^« w '■'& »a» atatianed in 

caap oi* .-laaiatefi ::o«tana in 

- 16 - 

ffm a ^ftii© of Will " 
of the v** tlmd 

§W> and oe&ta. 

S^ao-Ji*^* hi IfertMi IMft i poMM • m I **>■ 
pernlttlat: a romfcer c tdn County, i&. 

>3 b<*?*! of Mo oattlo thraufk -he nm^f over the 
G*H w&mttmt sy viro to 

*e tetom tiw^^ I M rtf mJ kept on tti ra**d, 3x1*1 
mn'a ranoVi le in the north cr y f nad ho ^'im 

fcti oafctio in mxmer on tl» roaervs in t* 
coimty, tffeletl :*eeaalt&teB hie iitill baek and forth 

I • Share wa» araar t tho 

tiflr ***** w m 4*n*ro of «y aort to the part:. 

Ta*lo*- in tie pnr>c were iHromded m ^mere 

IflodU ?e*e war* eolleateA at the rate o er head 

for iivxraaitng oher«e, eraeinr: on pant ground© 
head * no nth* 3*14 aetustl ooat of for*f*r* when cirouoBtrsrcea 
neeeaaitatt. tteeted . , 

of tf . .^ 

bal^aoe of |Mk 
on the atfcnobet report of r9vmn» for Hotor: 

SWWff Mrti loft dttrint aowaker, nM aoai but 
tor fciria *hioh incite rsagrioe, c croirg, 

£uctic» t ao* tfjuer r cww *•• in *rl4*noe* 

wwro reported* 

* oerero eaaee of .itofcnoae oaoag p&r\ a 

w^te rapertotl. 

» . Qvmhv& | e in the 
s»ae24eall3 on goTOraawat anttOo^o^o 
daring tha taonth* 

- If - 



..-• io /" *. - . :*7t 

- ■ 




.ttimitiinT the iwour 




jrrSfl- ?iw a*v 


mtm«4 »* itiflj 

- IS - 

■ y — . ' T 






*' ■" • 4 - : ^ *->-. - JbM 

< , 1921. 

Brief Outline of ,/ork accomplished during the month of 
/// by the Division, 

ted >trV-t<^ ' '- ~<~<s-ir-r~A_ <£ sTtt* 



Fill out briefly and return to Etr« Lindslcy before tho 
5th of the following month. Data neoded for monthly report* 

-' ' , 1921. 

Brief Outline of Work accomplished during the month of 
by the __ Division, 


V / 

Pill out briefly and return to Kr. Lindsloy before th^ 
5th of the following month. Data noodod for monthly report. 


'At- /Y6 v 

s &s 




Z^Gs/ &7 &/ / C/r~& 

J < 

/y.?6 o 


y r, 

Mammoth Plot Springs--Yellov.stone Park, Wy o • 

At 6 a.m. the snow changed to a mixture of snow and sleet, 
which continued until 1:50 p.m., when it changed to ruin, sleet 
and. snow. At 4:15 p.m. the temperature bep-an to fall rapidly 
and sleet and snow again set in. From 1:50 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. 
there were sudden -c-nd. rapid temperature fluctuations, ranging 
^g^effi 14° %& 33°. This sudden change in temperature at short 
intervals caused a corresponding change in the kind of precipi- 
tation, changing frequently from sleet and snow to sleet and 
rain, and vice versa.' From 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. light fog formed 
and disappeared at intervals, as a result of the sudden mixing 
of air currents of widely different temperatures* Low stratus 
clouds or fog obscured the nearby mountains on all sides of the 
station during the day. Unusually light, variable winds prevailed. 
As sleet was falling with a surface temperature of -5° u t G :30 a.m -r' 
it is evident that a steep temperature inversion prevailed, which 
probably account* for the^ freakish conditions that occurred during 
the day. At the time of the a.m. observation stratus clouds were 
moving rapidly from the west, while the surface wind was four 
miles from the north. A chinook condition set in shortly before 
10 p.m. end the temperature rose from zero at 8:15 p.m. to 30 
at 10 p.m.. Precipitation ended at 9:?0 p.m. ^nd the sky cleared 
suddenly with the coming of the Chinook. At 6 p.m. there v. ere 
9.6 inches of snow on the -round, with about half an inch of 
crust on the top. 

Address correspondence to 
"Official In Charge" 



Yellowstone Park, Wyo. 

lTHER coirnirious-- 

, L921. 

Lroerature: Monthly mean, 31.9", is i . 
cm, pleasant weather prevt 

two we< ke , while the 1 

ooldi -5° beinfi: registered on the 191 


the in 

November during t e r eari . 

L cipiti tion: Tot . 

With tn o t mont 

tott.i or rec • on 

fell durd 

of almost daily occurrence 
a mont] . 

11: lot - 

ount of s 
and ii 



been e: ^nce di 




• L R I A 

— ^ o l :h — a i * ] ■ • i ■ : Q 


Lb.' If 

L . 


A Farce Comedy. 

Cast of Character* ae they appear * 


MreoPLEATC/ELL— His Better S&ven-eigbtha— tfRS .ALLAH 

POLLI PRIM The New Stenographer MRS.BRAET 


Time - AHI. ELaee - Fleadwell's Law Office, 

New York City. 

Yellowstone Park Amusement Hall, December 5,1921. 


"Thats what they all say' 1 
A farce coriedy 

Cast of characters as they appear) 

| J ^.LL Lawyer HANS LA] 

^ iis better seveneijhts KIRS. AU 


POLLY PRIM. ?he new stenographer MRS. HRANT. 

TOM YILSOH Pleadwellis old friend HARRY MARSHALL. 

TIME—- - 




IHA HEI£ her breath wbsm ah* 

j:* a free ticket to tfce 
to bo G^von at the Yellowstone 
mmmm HAUL Saturday Iventag 

bcr 3 # 1921. 

praaeut for your apj zovpl & One 
COMELY FABOi e titled 


bis play was built i'or laughing 

•as o*Ojr and is guaranteed to 

tfca sorst case or lue&» 

t connection *itfa tills sketch 

i will be run oto-play 

Entitled B ! MART'S AITKLE" 
Amission free to Members of the Club. 

> open at 7:50 0*clock ^/</ 

I c << 

S^riwe iig) B'-giggi 

C\%c-'\e\**\r *&-tJl!L*J. r*. 


NNA H^LD her breath when she heard JOHN DM7 a free ticket to the show 
be given at the YELLOWSTONE PARK AMUSEMENT HALL oA'2* EVE DEC 3d 1921. 

fill present for your approval a one act comedy farce entitled 

Lis play was built for laughing purposes only 
id is guaranteed to cure the worst case of BLUES. 

l connection with this sketch will be run a feature photo-play entitled 

DOQRo OPEN AT 7,30 O.clock 

Overture * 7,50 O.clock 

Curtain rises 8,0 f clock. 

"ALABAMA Et n S 5 H E L S 1 ' 

2 ~ Dponiiig Song, «i. m Coming BaoK to Dixieland 

Bocauoe I cannot Stay Away," 
|Bfr Kitty Reynolds*) 

2 - Comic fersBS, Rug v avoids, Bregdon and 

C horns c 

3 — Violin Solo, Nfii3 T/e neet again." 

By Bert Stta&ett« 

4 ~ Song, "Afifeaan Porter Blues", 

By Frank Brugduno 

5«~ Uogro Character Danoe By Fred Roynoidsc 

6 _ Saxaphonc Solo, »$he Bluebirds" 

By B^Co Easton<, 

7— Grand finale, "Brick to Alabama la the Spring," 

By Bntiro Conpany. 

(IIJIEl'ITICSION— --Change of scenery.) 


lieut. Ri£htdrecs, *- Doc Bishop. 

Private Slouch, - „ Frank Bregdon, 

Corp, Bluoh, «, ?red Reynolds. 


Mr, Roy Grey, 
Mr. Clarence fccoyen, 
Mr* Frank Bregdon, 
Mr. Fred Reynolds, 
Mr. Chas, Brant, 
Mr* Bert Stinnett, 
Mr. Harry Marshall, 
Mr* B.C. Gaston* 

Time, Hov* 18th, 1919t 

Arragoae Woods—France* 

This sketch was written and produced by Mr* Beynolds Jhlle 
in prance with the A.E.F., for the amusement of the soldiers. 
























December 5th, 1921. 
Hail 19 21 Monthly Report. 

Dear Mr. Lindaleyi 

Mar report on the activities of the ranger 
force for the month of November 1921 follows: 

IgHHil Conditions. 

Change of Positions* 

Mr. J^nes MoBride, former Chief Ranger 
of the Yellowstone National Park was placed in 
charge of the fish and game* and the Slough Creek 
and Yancey hay meadows of the park, this order 
talcing ef feot November 6th. This move releases 
Mr. MoBride of many embarrassing responsibilities 
and places him in work which is very familiar 
to him and gives him a greater opportunity to 
devote his time and study to the care of the game 
of the park. 

the change does not affect the Northern dis- 
trict at this time. Mr. MoBride has charge of 
the patrols and is responsible for the protection 
of the Northern district until further orders. 

Mr. Sam T. uoodring, park ranger in charge 
of the Canyon Banger Station during the past 
tourist season* succeeds Mr. MoBride as Chief 
Hanger • Mr. Woodring was a former Pack-master of 
the United States Army before accepting a posi- 
tion as a permanent ranger in July 1919. Previ- 
ous to this time* while a packer he became well 
acquainted with the interior of the park under 
the supervision of the military. 

Mr. Woodring assumed the duties of the Chief 
Ranger November 6th, and is responsible for the 
protection and the men in the Southern, Eastern, 
and Western districts of the park. 

Clneular No. 25, authorising this change of 
management follows s 

Circular Ho. 25 Hov. I 9 1921. 

This circular becomes effect Ire November 6th. 
It relates to a re-assignment of duties in conn- 
ection with the protection of the parte. 

Chief Banger James McBride will assume the 
duties of the feme and Fish Warden of Yellowstone 
National Park* which will include the development 
of plans for further stocking of the streams of 
the park with fish and cooperation with the Bur- 
eau of Fisheries in the collection of eggs and in 
the operation of fish hatcheries. He will also con- 
tinue to travel thru the park for the purpose of 
observing conditions of the wild life, particularly 
the big game animals, and report to the Superin- 
tendent on his obersvations and advise him on mattes 
relating to the care of the wild life. 

Until further orders he will be in charge of, 
and responsible for the protection of the Horth 
line and the game of the Northern district. He will 
be relieved of the responsibility for protectee* 
of the other lines of the park and of the game and 
other natural conditions in the Southern and West 
ern districts. He will continue to supervise oper- 
ations of the Slough Creek hay ranches. 

Park Banger Sam T. Woedring will assume the 
duties of Chief Hanger of Yellowstone national 
Park, except such as will be naturally within the 
Jurisdiction of the Game and Pish arden. He will 
immediately become responsible for all property 
used by the ranger force, including ranger sta- 
tions, equipment , supplies, etc. He will also 
become responsible for and will be charged with 
the protection of wild life and all other natural 
conditions and for the guarding of the line covered 
by the Vestern and Southern districts. He will con- 
trol all hunting of predatory animals. He will 
make his headquarters at Mammoth Hot Springs and 
will be free to travel at will throqgh the park. 
He will make plans for next season's operations, 
including the organization of the temporary force, 
the planing of additions to the trail system, the 
making of a program for cutting out trails, and 
take all other steps necessary and essential in 
the organization for operations in the way of pro- 
tecting the park next year- 
He will observe the work of all members of 
the ranger force and report his findings and con- 
clusions to the Superintendent in connection with 
his plans for the organization of next year v s pro- 

tectiTa for... %$»ileri!«fffc»". 

ftf^tr*! ffgndUions. 

Con f t. 

Hunting Season* 

The open season for all big game animals and 
game fish closed with the month, the elk season 
of Montana closing Nov ember 15th t deer season, for 
bucks with vlsable horns only, closed at sundown 
Horember 30, and the season on the following fish 
closed at the same times alj. fish with the except- 
ion of the Loch Leven Trout, Dolly Tardsn Trout, 
and Eocky Mountain White Fish* The game fish sea- 
son does not open until May 29th, • 

The following table shows the number of big 
animals killed this year* 




























Weather Conditions* 

Very favorable weather conditions prevailed 
until November 15th. Heavy snow storms sinsehthat 
date haws' left snow in the following depths at 
our numerous gauging stations* 

Mammoth, 16 inches* Norris* 24 inches, 

Gardiner, 1 inch. Madison J*, 24 inches. 

Crevice, 24 inches. Riverside, 18 inches* 

Hellroaring,10 inches. Gallatin, 24 inches* 

Soda Butte, 12 inches. Bechler, 96 inches. 

Buffalo Farm, 8 inches. Snate Rlver36 inches. 

Tower Falls, 14 inches. lake, 16 inches. 

Canyon* M inches. Upper, Tel. 20 inches* 
Sylvan Pass 12 inches* 

Game Condition. 

Very few of the big game aniamals left the ridges 
for lower levels until about the 20th of the month, when 
the first big bands of elk were seen in the northern district. 
The elk in the eastern and southern district did not 
begin to leave the park until about this time. 

An excellent increase is reported in the elk herds* 
Many calves are tobe seen with the herds in th e Hell- 
roaring and Slough Creek districts. Deer are plenti- 
ful and Game Warden MoBrlde reports 405 antelope, to 
having counted this number near Gardiner* 

general Conditions. 
Cont f . 


No horses were used by the men In malting their 
patrols In the interior of the park after November 16. 
Ass't* Chief Hanger Douglas beought the Upper Yell- 
owstone* Lake* and Sylvan Pass horses to :ianmoth on 
November 4th, Contrary to plans made by Ass't* Chief 
Ranger Seoycn of the Western district* his horses* 
from the Gallatin and Hirer side stations were brought 
to *!aramoth November 16th* 4 heavy storm Nor* 15th* 
made this more necessary* 

A heavy crust and a light snowfall made siding 
a pleasure in most districts of the park November 17. 
Little difficult is encountered by the men in making 
their long patrols* 

Big Game Orders. 

Complying with the authorization of the Director 
of the Park Service* we begun our preparations to cap- 
ture three elk and four young buffalo for the New 
York Zoo* Buffalo Keeper Lacombe selected for excell- 
ent specimens of buffalo* ?hese aniamls are all two 
year Side* With no small amount of difficulty* two of 
thses animals were trucked to riammoth November 20, 
and the remaining two* November 26th* 

Preparations were made November 2tth to trap 
three young cows for the New York Zoo* The trap used 
to catmh theee elk was built by Game V/arden HcBride 
in the auto camp at Mammoth Hot Springs* fft de not 
antislpate any trouble catching these animals* 

Hunting Permits* 

Contrary to the sentiment expressed in my report 
for th month of October the following predatory ani- 
mal bunting permits were issued; these permits limited 

the hunters to an area away from the antelope range* 
and were made clear in respect to disturbing the big 
game in the district* 

Bert fttlnnett* Harry Marshall* 

Charles Stinnett, Bill Biely* 

J.D* Praser, W.L. Bickett* 

Dr. "'•£. Crawbuck* Boy X* Gray* 

George ebb, Lee Webb* 
A*C*D. Henman* 

The above mentioned persons have been instructed 
t a written monthly report on their activities « 


The p e r — an t ranger appointment of John Bauman, 
of ashing ton, was authorised and made hy the Director 
effective lor* 2* 1921. He ia on duty at the Crevice 

Mr. Lee ebb, of Wyoming was employed November 29 
on a dally basis of ^4*00 par day pending action on 
our request for his ranger appointment. Webb was em- 
ployed to assist at the Buffalo Farm during the absence 
of Buffalo Keeper Lacombe; and will later be detailed 
to the Y7e stern District* 


Pars: Ranger Clifford Anderson* was transferred 
from the Riverside Ranger to the Gallatin Hanger Sta- 
tion Hovember 7th 9 in relief of Sam f. Woodring, the 
Chief Banger* 

Temporary Park Kaiger Sam Earless* Vest Yellow- 
stone Ranger Station* terminated his services with 
the Satioual x&ric Service Kovember 21st* Since the 
close of the tourist season he has been on patrol in 
the Western district from Y< est Yellowstone to South 
Riverside. ■§ expect to employ Mr* Earless again next 
sr as checker at .est Yellowstone. 

Park Ranger Fred C* Finch was transferred from 
tue Crevice Ranger Station to the Hellroaring Ranger 
Station November 16th, where he assisted in holding 
the elk back In the park* 

Park Ranger George Y7ina* was transferred from 
the Soda Butte Ranger Station to the Hellroaring 
Ranger Station to assist in holding the elk back in 
the park. He reported at Kellroaring ITov. 18th. 

Station Patrols. 


Chief B«fl ff y £«" T« woodrlng t Canyon Station police 
work around district, patrols over Black 2ail* Hellroar- 
ing* Tower Falls* and Mt. Bverts getting acquainted wifc 
the district. 2wo trips to the Buffalo Farm to assist 
with the vaccination and shipping of buffalo* Making 
elk trap— on leave. 

lame and Fish Warden McBrldei Two inspection trips 
over the northern district. Directing the construction 
of elk trap. Investigation of antelope herd. His find- 
ings are reported In another section of this report. 



Station Patrols* 

Park Ranger wendell M. Blafaop : on dnty at Chief Ranger^ 
office* On leave. Two trips to Buffalo Farm assisting 
with vaccination of MSfalo herd and shipment of "buff- 
alo. Buildlig elk trap. 


Asa't. Chie f Ranger £. g. Sooyern to Gallatin, South 
Riverside, Mammoth, Buffalo Farm, Gibbon Junction, 
Mammoth* on leave, to Riverside, to Grayling. 

Park Ranger Rev T. Fraslan patrols over Riverside 
district. Checking property at old tellowstone-./est- 
ern barns, to Gibbonnjunction with horses. 

Sal latin. 

p«j<rfi r ii w Calvin 0. Pavlas to Grayling, Sportsman 
Lake, Snowslide. Reports tresspassing in park. 

Park Ranger Clifford Andersom Riverside Ranger Station 
until November 7th. Patrols to Grayling, Sportsman 
lake, Snowslide creek. 


Park Ranrer Raymond ft. Littles Patrols to Cascade, 
Buffalo lake. Mountain Ash Creek; to Ashton. 

Park Ranger Al. T. Blcknell s to Cascade cabin, to 
Snake River, to Buffalo Lake, Mountain Ash Creek, 
to Ashton. 

Snake River. 

Park Ranger William Purdues to Fta Creek, to Cascade 
Cabin, to Harebell, to Moran, to Thumb. 

Park Ranger Lee Cottrellt to Fox Creek, Aster Creek. 
Cascade Cabin* Harebell, and Bechler River. 

Aas't. Chief Ranger Joe Douglas; to Park Point, to 
Mammoth, Lake, Upper Yellowstone, Snake River, Lake. 
Inspection of eastern district. 

Park Ranger Luther Cub ten Park Point, Cold Creek, 
Mammoth, Pelican, Park Pol*** 

Park Ranger John A. Wellsg Park point, Cold Creek, 
Mammoth, Buffalo Farm, Pelican, Thumb. 




Station Patrols. 
Upper Yellowstone. 

?TTft F'fflff'K &*gl Bowmaas to Bast Boundary, to Falean 
Creek, to Bridger Lake, to Lake, to Cabin Creek, to 
Park Point. 

Park Ranger Chester L. Butler* East boundary patrol, 
to Mariposa lake, to Bridger Lake, to Lake, to Fal 
oan Creek. 

8ylvan Pass. 

Park Banger R»R. Wisdom To Camp on Jones Creek, to 
Sylvan Lake, to Eagle Pass. 

Tower Falls. 

Park Ranger James N. Prouls: herding elk at Hellroar- 
log* two trips to Buffalo Farm to assist with cutting 
shipping and vaccination of Buffalo. To Manmoth twice. 
Out with horses to Yanonys. To Buffalo Farm. 

Soda Butte. 

Park Ranger fleorge Plnut to Pebble Creek, to Miller Crek, 
to Hellroarlng Nov. 18th herding elk. 

Park Ranger Forest L. Carter i to Pebble Creek. Miller Creak 
north park line and east park line. 


Ass't. Chief Ranger Harry Trlschmam Herding elk. to Mamm- 
oth, to Crevice, to Slough Creek, to Tower Falls, to Hell- 
roaring, Cottonwood. 

Slouth Creek. 

Park Ranger Ed. Burkettt In eamp on Forth Park line, 
building cabin, to Mammoth. 

Temp. Park Ranger William Pehnhoffi patrols up Slough 
Creek, on North Park Line, to Lower Slough Creek. 


Park Banger Fred C. Finch > Patrols along North Park Line, 
on leave. Transferred to Hellroarlng November 18th. 
Herding elk. 

Park Ranger John Bauman: Patrols along north jferk line, 
two trips to Manmoth. 


Pftrt Fm r^ ftiaA c * ?<*"»** ©necking traffic, patrols mp 
Turkey ?wa herding elk. to I esse Creeic. on leave. 

PiyrK RfUyt r 41 pcLaurhlln ! In camp on Reese Creek. Assist- 
lag dame ardcn Bellar on elk violations. 

Park Bankers on Leave. 

The follovlxe park rangers were granted short leaves dur- 
ing the months 

WJU Bishop. 1 1/2 days. 

Fred C. Finch, 1 day. 

B.C. Laeombe. Z days. 

San Hurless. 5 days. 

Bam T. Voodriug. 1 day. 
Thad C. Pound. 3 days. 

ami fryUUfflsy 


Oame -arden MoBrlde has counted 405 antelope on the 
Gardiner Range. This is an increase of almost 100 cm 
over last year. They are in excellent condition and 
have little or no trouble finding all the feed the/ 
need. They are being hered back from the line fence 
whenever the occasion demands. So far we do not know 
of any being killed by predatory animals. 

\ notlcable feature of the Increase is in the 
yearliis^s. These animals are almost matured and hare 
a tendency to feed well back in the hills of the 
northern district. 


The bears have caused no damage at axry of the 
cabins, stations or hotels in the park this fall. 
The last bear seen this year was on November 23rd 
in the northern district. 

Buffalo — i Id herd. 

As mentioned in my last report, no effort has 
been made to locate these animals. Two were seen in 

the Upper Yellowstone district and five on Cache 
oreek. Two calves were Included in the later band. 

Buffalo - Tame Herd. 

g^P Con ditions. 

Buffalo Tame Herd* 

In completeing the statistics of the tamo herd 
for the year, seventy four calves, or 11 more than 
were previously accounted for, are tobe added to ow 
record* In addition to this number, there are nine 
young calves, not accounted for In this number, nor 
have been weaned or vaccinated at the annual vaccin- 

Two calves, a bull and a cow, were killed as 
an aet of mercy, following a broken leg Injury in 
each instance, sustained during the vaccination in 
the squeze. An improvement has been made in the 
shoot which will, in the future, prevent similar 
accidents* These animals are not accounted for in 
the above mentioned figure* 

The first vaccination of the calf herd was 
made by Dr. Hell Plank of the Animal Husbandry Div. 
of the D. of A* at Helena, Montana, on November 26* 
The second tobe held one week later* 

The cutting of the calves from the cows was pew 
formed Hovember 2£nd and was the most successful 
in the history of the ranch* The blinding of the 
corral fence at the ends and the construction of the 
hhavy sliding gates, made the work much easier and 
prevented any injury to the animals* The only diff- 
iculty encountered was the shortage of fresh horses, 
which would make it easier on both man, beast and 


The fantning season on deer extending from 
Hov* 1, to Kov* 31, and which permitted the kill- 
ing of bucks with visable horns only, resulted in 
the death 13 head, the smallest number in many 

Peer can be seen in many bands over the en- 
tire Morthern district and are in excellant con- 
dition* Game harden McBrlde reports having counted 
more than two hundred in the district* 

Many bucks with great large heads, and strong 
body are wintering near Mammoth* Que of the largest 
bucks, from &9er^ standpoint has been seen at Mamm- 
oth on several occasions* He is considered the finest 

speciman in the park* 


game Conditions * 


Again we are favored with ideal conditions for 
oar elk herds* Forage is plentiful in eJJ sections 
of the park, the snov: is in not hindering them in 
their travels, and the majority are rolling fat, 
•specially the cows and calves, 

The increase in the calf crop is very motic- 
able, more than the average can "be seen vzith each 
herd. Many large hulls* with excellent heada are 
winter between Maanoth and £woer Falls. 

Came Warden MoBride, in investigating the elk 
herds reports 5,600 in the northern District* They 
remained high in the mountains until November 20th* 

In preparation for any unexpected condl.iou, 
the men at the Slough Creek Eqy l.anches were in- 
structed to begin feeding Hov* 28th* $hey are feed- 
ing about one ton per day, at each ranch* 

Following the procedure adopted last year, men 
are stationed with horses a.t Hell roaring and Slough 
Oracle to herd the ellc back from the park: lizaes* A 
patrol Is made from Gardiner and I!amwoth over she 
Turkey Pen and Blacktail to hold them back. 

Por^y elk broke through the fence on the Korth 
line at Hoppe Creek but were heried back and the 
fence repaired by Park "anger McLaughlin* Hone of 
this band were killed* 

fhe elk in the Southern and Eastern herds did 
not begin to leave the park until the last of the 
month* Ho count was reported, but it is claimed they 
have increased considerable over last year* 


Hocse are plentiful over the entire x*ark* More 
than 500 being accounted for in the northern district* 
They are wintering in large numbers on the Black ^ail 
and in the Slough Creek districts. 

Moose in the Upper Yellowstone are numerous. 
Bangers Bowman and Butler had to talcs rofage in trees 
on several occasions when encountering bulls* 

A careful check will be made and a special re- 
port made at a later date* 


Qxme Conditions. ' 
Cont f . 

Mountain Sheep * 

The majority of the mountain sheep remain well 
back iii the hilla of the Northern £1 strict* Shirty 
three have been soured in the Beiir oaring and Maaia- 
oth districts. J?he few hands seen have a vei*y sat* 
isfactory number of kids* 

Park Hanger tfisdom reports two being killed 
in his district during the past hunting season* 

Predatory luJuaaxs. 

xredatory animals seem tobe very numerous. The 
last snow storm .7111 make the extermination of these 
animals much easier, rark Banger Henry Anderson 
truned in 6 coyote and one waif hide during the mouth « 

Many wolf traclcs have been seen in the Mansaoth 
and Biack rail districts* a special effort will be 
made to capture and kill entire band* 

Buntixsj? permits were Issued to men employed by 
the National Park Service to hunt predatory animals 
curing their spare time* rnree coyotes v/ere Killed 
'by various persons holding these permits* 

frapper Court B* Dewing trapped five coyotes 
before he was confined to the hospital* His condi- 
tion is said too* serious* 

Enough the fur market is not as high as usual, 
many trappers are already running their lines ar are 
preparing to trap near the park* So far they are 
reported as follows along the park lines: 

North* 3, 3outh f 3. 

Vest, 2. Eaat, 3. 

frame Warden Appolaccimt*.* 

Game Wardens of Montana and Jyoming. complying 
with our request, hanre appointed all Park Bangers 
patroling the borders of their respective states. 
Deputy Same and Fish ax dens without bond or pay* 
we expect to attain satisfactory results from this 
authority* One instance follows in another section, 
of this report* 



Ho arrests were made daring the month by any 
mentor of the Raflger force t "but assistance was r 
dared ay a member In several *ns^ .nee s* 

Tark V.smg&r Al EcLaughlln* patroling the KMM 
ore+k district, wcrldns with Gaoa . arden Frank Bell- 
ar. rcted c.s a wittness in the ease of Frank Luc- 
trick and Prank Copelana. of Eleotrio. Montana* , who 
were charged with killing an elk out of season* 
Icctrick wan fined §260.00 and costs at J ivingaton. 
vrhile Gopol>iid was released. 

McLaughlin and Be liar are r or king on another 
ease where the party is alleged to have killed an 
elk oat of season. Neither of the men are prepared 
to ifcdfcpwMM discuss the matter further* 

An effort is being made to arrest and convict 
a tusk-hunter in the Fo* Creek district* <ord has 
Just >een sent to the Upper Yellowstone Bangers to 
investigate the case* A coyote was killed in the ft 
Cottonwood district "but no arrest was made* 


Though the travel for the month of lovambcr 
this yesr exoee&ed that of lasi year, it did aot 
esse up to expectations, consider Lc£ .veatuer con- 
ditions. Cars *e*e running froit Llaunioth to e3t 
Yellowstone *p to the 20t2u BfcC Superintendents 
official oar made two trips to the Buffalo Farm 
during the aonth In spite of 8 to 14 inches of 
enow* The last Iff? was made oat tfov. 25th* 

The travel by entrance 13. 
North, 23 caret 97 people* 
7/est. _6 oars* JLZ ^ejple* 

Total. 29 « 104 " 

Seven head of horses owned by .alter Sbsw. 
and mentioned in my last report as being at the 
Buffalo Farm, were impounded and the #1* fee ass* 

esed* £iakLn£ his total assesaent v 23.20. 

Tsn head of horses owned by C.J. Williamson 
were impounded at Plough Creek* A iee of ^10 *« r 
impounding was » the horses bein^ olfti^ed 

the following da^. 

KespaotfuJ ly* 

V endell M. Bishop. 

Chief Hangers office.